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Welcome to Ritual

At Ritual, we believe in the healing power of beauty and wellness. Our expert team of estheticians, massage therapists, and nail technicians are dedicated to providing you with the ultimate relaxation experience. Whether you are looking for a relaxing facial, a rejuvenating massage, or a luxurious mani-pedi, we offer a wide range of services to meet your every need. And don't forget to check out our shop, where we offer a carefully curated selection of skincare products and other items to enhance your beauty routine.

Jade Stone

Owner / Spa & Beauty Therapist

Lash Technician

Jade is a Certified Spa Therapist, Esthetician, Lash Technician and Yoga Teacher. She has been in the beauty industry for over ten years and she obtained her Spa Therapy diploma in 2015 from New Image College in Vancouver BC. Since then she has taken many advanced trainings in areas such as Ayurvedic Head Massage, Buccal Facial Massage, Facial Reflexology and Advanced Styling and Texturing courses for lash extensions. 

While living and working in the spa industry on the main land, Jade dreamed about moving back to Vancouver Island to open up a space where she could serve the community where she was raised. Ritual is her dream come true. She has two goals. One is to create a collective space for like-minded service providers to come together, learn from, and grow with one another. The second is to provide a space for people to come and be rejuvenated, to honour, celebrate and take care of themselves, whether through getting a beautiful set of lash extenisons, brows, or nails or from a relaxing facial, massage, or pedicure. Jade loves to help make people feel their best by being intentional with every service she provides.

When she's not at the Spa you can find her on her yoga mat or backpacking the mountains with her husband and their adventure chihuahua Nala. 


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Jade Stone Lash Tech and Spa Therapist
Holly Heffernan Lash Technician

Holly Heffernan

Senior Beauty Therapist & Lash Technician

Holly is a professional certified lash artist with over 2 years of experience in the beauty industry. She specializes in mega and volume lash sets, as well as wispy and color sets to add some fun. She is passionate about providing her clients with high-quality lash extensions that enhance their natural beauty. Holly takes pride in her work and always strives to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for her clients. With her knowledge and expertise, she is dedicated to helping her clients look and feel their best.


Holly was born in Ontario and moved to the island in 2015. She is an adventurous and active individual who loves to explore the outdoors and try new things.  Her hobbies include hiking through the mountains, lifting weights at the gym, enjoying a movie night with friends or traveling to new destinations. She has a passion for learning new skills and is beyond excited to provide more services to the beauty world.

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Osha Wilkes

Beauty Therapist and Junior Lash Tech

Osha is our Junior stylist at Ritual has been in the lash and beauty industry for a little over a year. She is passionate about customizing each set to perfectly compliment her clients eye shape to enhance their natural beauty. Her favourite lashes to do are wispy and wet sets so bring it on!

Osha recently has added lash lifts and brow services to her service menu so check out our online booking system for promotional junior pricing!

Osha was born and raised on Vancouver Island and currently makes the commute in from Port Renfrew where she lives with her Australian Shepard. He is her entire world! She can't imagine leaving Port Renfrew because she love the ocean and surfing but she is looking forward to traveling so let her know your favourite destinations!


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Kayla Joseph

Senior Beauty Therapist & Lash Technician

Kayla is a certified esthetician of 3+ years that specializes in lash extensions. She is incredibly passionate about creating a calm and comforting experience for each of her clients. Her goal is to create customizable and high end lashes for each person and their needs, from full megas to natural classic lashes. 

Kayla was born and raised here on Vancouver Island. She is a cat mom to two amazing kitties, we're sure you'll hear all about them! Kayla is recently engaged to her wonderful fiancé of 8 years! She has no wedding plans yet so you can help her with the planning ;)

When Kayla is not working she is always up for trying new hobbies! She can never seem to stick to one so she is constantly looking for suggestions!


"I’m so excited to meet you and be your full time lash artist (and part time therapist).

Love, Kayla."

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Ema Perkins

Nail Tech

Ema is a certified nail technician (although she calls herself and Artist) through Blanche Macdonald Center in Vancouver. She specializes in all things gel nails! Her passion for nails come from being a mixed medium artist. She loves creating art on tiny canvas. She also strives to take people away from their  busy lives for a moment to help them relax. Her passion is all things art and will never turn down an idea so bring it on!

When Ema isn't working you can find her with her two fur babies, Bella and Gracie. She will gladly show you pictures and talk your ear off about them anytime! In her free time she is currently obsessed with doing needle point work whenever she can.


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We are Hiring!

If you are a Beauty/Spa Therapist looking for a professional, warm, uplifting space to service your clients 

send us your cover letter and resume at

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